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Rest is Hard unless done Smart. Introducing:

Smarter Rest Memory Foam Pillow, made from German Memory Foam material that does not flatten over time, is soft enough to mould to your shape but hard enough to provide the necessary support, is odorless and absorbs heat.

Next Generation Granulated Memory Foam Surface

Air Flow Stimulation
Minimizes sweating
Promotes blood circulation
Works hard to extend and relax your muscles completely

Advanced High Density Memory Foam Benefits

Supports the head & aligns the spine without flattening
Reduce back pain
Improve body posture

Dual-Lobe Design Memory Foam

Maintains natural curvature of the neck
Alleviates pressure points
Moulds to fill the space under the head and neck
Reduce snoring

100% Premium German Quality Memory Foam

Not the usual hard rock memory pillow
True memory foam
Smell and Toxic Free

What Makes Us Different?

Smarter Rest Memory Foam Pillow brings the innovation of granulated surface, eliminating perspiration and stimulating air flow. This superb pillow gently supports your head at the correct angle, reducing snoring and taking away your back pain forever.

Pain free sleeping

I suffer from slip discs and bulging discs in my neck and back due to a bad car accident. I do more tossing and turning at night then i do sleeping. I was also tired of waking up hurting then having to deal with more pain during the day.

I have tried several different pillows and since this one i will not get another one. I am in love head over heels with this pillow. Last night i slept with it and i didn’t wake up not once in the night. When i woke up in the morning i was refreshed no pain. I did get this product for a discounted rate in exchange for a unbiased review. So let’s jump into this review.


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Firm Cool pillow!

I love my soft pillows, but I tried this one and was very impressed with the coolest and gentle firmness of this particular pillow. It is shaped very ergonomically if your a side sleeper like myself. It was very supportive of my head and I managed to sleep quite comfy on it. I still love my super soft pillows, and the proud permanent owner of this pillow is my husband. He snores a lot less on it an I like that even more!

Lisa Hester

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Best night’s sleep in a long time!
Ok, so I have tried lots of pillows in my lifetime so far. I am very picky. Not too hard or firm but not too squishy and soft. Has to support my head and neck, but not be so stiff I can’t form it to my shape or to address my needs. I have tried one other “memory foam” pillow and it was definitely not! BUT, the Smarter Rest MemoryFoam Pillow is so darn comfortable.

I loved it and had such a good sleep the first night. It was different than my other current pillow and took a few to get used to. But when I woke up the next morning, I’ll tell ya, I don’t remember waking up at all during the night like I used too. This pillow is wonderful.

Ashley Roggow

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Good Nights Sleep

I would recommend this product most definitely because after only using it for three days I have noticed that I fall asleep much faster now with the memory foam pillow. I’m still going to continue to use the pillow to see if some of the other benefits are actually true. I would also recommend it because it comes with some bonus gifts. The bonus gifts are a free E-book giving you guiding tips for better sleep, 2 free pair of ear plugs and a free eye mask to sleep with just in case you don’t have one.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Smarter Rest pillow designed for someone in particular?

Anybody can use the Smarter Rest Memory Foam pillow, it best suits back and side sleepers, but even stomach sleepers will find it very comfortable.

What's the difference between the Smarter Rest Memory Foam Pillow and a regular memory foam pillow?

Smarter Rest Memory Foam Pillow brings the innovation of granulated surface, eliminating perspiration and stimulating airflow. It also has a special convex shape in the middle, for extra comfort.

And the dual lobe design will suit anybody, keeping any head at the correct angle.

Also, it can be used as a back pillow when reading in bed or watching TV.

How do I take care of my pillow?

Do not hand or wash machine the Smarter Rest Pillow and do not expose it in direct sunlight, as this will damage the structure and shorten the usage time.

For correct cleaning, please remove the cover, which is washable, and use a vacuum cleaner for the dust on the memory foam pillow every 4 weeks.

Will it go flat, soft, or hard?

No, the material will not change its shape or feel over time. The only exception is if you leave the pillow in a cold environment, which will result in the material becoming temporarily harder, until the temperature rises to normal levels.

Are there any bonuses?

Of course, along with the pillow you get 2 pairs of memory foam earplugs, and one sleep bask that completely blocks light and ensures you get sleep whenever you want.

On top of this, you also receive our eBook, “101 Smart Ways that Smarter people use to Sleep & Rest” and a special bonus we’ll tell you about later.